Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mortal Kombat!!!

Guys...hey guys...


First, my sincerest apologies for not writing anything sooner, but being a member of the CFC, you can imagine this has been a real busy month or so. B-R5RB happened, then 0-W778 happened.  Needless to say, as I write this, I'm sitting here in a hellcamp, watching progodlegend play docking games in a Pilgrim.

Correction, they're in interceptors now, and they're smug-mugging local because they killed our cyno Arazu.  Well done, boys...but seriously, how does 100 interceptors miss a pod?

Anywho, we have some things to talk about, because I've been busy as hell with everything as of late.  First and foremost, my boy Roland Cassidy is now officially endorsed by Razor Alliance as a CSM 9 candidate.  Pretty sick stuff!

Hold up, we're mopping their interceptor fleet...

I came in like a WRECKING BALL...
Ok, now that we've taken care of that, let's move on.  Oh yeah, Roland!  Anywho, I made a CSM advertisement video for him.  Please note, the town hall has been moved to March 2nd.  I'm pretty proud of how this turned out, and a lot of effort went into making this, so please, don't troll me too hard on it.

In the same breath, I also interviewed Sugar Kyle in a fireside chat.  What was supposed to be 15 minutes ran nearly an hour.  I have had run ins with Sugar in the past, in rookie chat, and an unfortunate run-in in low-sec once.  To summarize, I like her platform as well, as it somewhat mirrors Roland. I would say where Sugar clearly comes from a low-sec standpoint, Roland's leans more towards the purist role-playing platform.  Here's the Soundcloud link:

Shifting gears to the curbstomping of the infidels who continue to reject the CFC, I managed to get over a thousand views for this little gem.  I love poking fun at N3!

Also, just to poke a little more fun at N3 and PL, but mainly N3...

More to come in the coming days from the hellcamp!

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